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Guidelines for Presenters

Oral Presenters

  1. Time for presentation
    All oral presentations must not exceed 15 minutes including 3-minute discussion.
  2. Computer for presentation
    There is a laptop PC in each session room but you may also use your own laptop. The PC in each session room is equipped with Windows 7, Microsoft Power Point 2013, Windows Media Player, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  3. Presentation data check
    We recommend that you check your presentation file using the projectors at the session rooms during a break before your presentation. Please make sure your slides are projected properly. The earlier this check is carried out the better.
  4. Connection with the projector
    If you use your own laptop, please make sure you connect it yourself to the projector using the connection cable just before your presentation.
  5. Transfer of presentation file into the session room PC
    If you do not use your own laptop, use a thumb drive (e.g. USB flash drive) containing your presentation and transfer your presentation into the PC in the session room before the start of your session. Please note that all data linked to your presentation should be saved in the same folder on the laptop PC.
  6. Countermeasure against computer viruses
    To avoid the possible spread of computer viruses, we request that you scan your presentation files beforehand with updated anti-virus software.
  7. Projector resolution
    Monitor resolution is XGA (1024 pixel x 768 pixel).

Poster Presenters

  1. Location
    All poster presentations will be held at "Event Hall" located on the 1st Floor of Building 1.
  2. Size of a poster board
    The size of a poster board for each poster presentation is 210 cm tall and 180 cm wide.
  3. To find the location of your poster
    We will prepare the list of poster presentations with "Poster Board Number" and map of the poster session room at the entrance of the Event Hall. Please find your number. "Poster Board Number" and presentation number will be posted at the top of each poster board.
  4. Poster display
    The presentation time of all posters is from 9:00 to 20:00. Please put up your poster on the poster board in the morning and remove it after 18:30. All posters will be replaced everyday. Use Push-pins prepared in the poster session room. Do not use adhesive tapes or Velcro.
  5. Core time
    The core time for poster presentation is 14:00-15:30 everyday. All Presenters are advised to be in front of their posters during the core time.