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There are more than 100 hotels offering almost 20,000 rooms in Nagoya. Guests can choose from five-star luxurious suites at international hotels to $50 budget rooms. Around the Kanayama terminal, which is only 5 minutes from the Nagoya Congress Center, there are almost 1,000 rooms in several hotels. Most hotels are within 20–25 minutes of the conference venue.

The area between Nagoya Station and Sakae is Nagoya's center of business and shopping, where Many hotels, shops, cafes, and restaruants are located. Also there are extensive underground shopping malls associated with subway stations. The malls are ideal for strolling for shopping and dining in hot or rainy summer days. Hotels, shops, restaurants, and offices are all equiped with quiet and mild airconditioning. It is hot in summer in Nagoya, but inside buildings and houses it is always comfortable.

The rates above are for single occupancy. Double occupancy commonly costs 1.5 to 2.0 times the rates above.